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Takeo Watanabe, President Takara Standard Co., Ltd.We endeavor to be a company which 'creates lifestyles' by providing original products and services with a high level of customer satisfaction at reasonable prices.

Takara Standard was established in 1912 and is a pioneer in Japan's vitreous enamel industry. By consistently providing housing equipment such as system kitchens, system baths, and washstands which employ high grade enamel, we have contributed to improving quality of life and social progress, such as through our development of the world's first enamel kitchen in 1962.

Enamel, which was created in the age of Egypt's Tutankhamen, has been passed down over the ages and has had a long and variegated history. It is a material in which vitreous enamel is fired onto metal, merging the strength of metal with the beauty of glass. It is also a material which is ecologically friendly for people, residences, and the environment as it does not contain harmful materials such as formaldehyde which is the cause of sick house syndrome. Our company's high-grade enamel has maximized the characteristics of enamel through years of research and development, and is an optimum material for plumbing products.

In response to demand for new construction, as well as the considerable expectation in renovation demand in the future, Takara Standard has proactively promoted product development using our unique enamel technology with a focus on the keywords "enamel," "quake resistance," and "exact size." In recent years, there has been increased customer interest toward housing equipment products with higher satisfaction in terms of comfort, convenience, and safety, and products that will further raise quality of life. By continuing to listen to customer and market feedback, we will strive to make products which will respond to the needs of customers.

We have set up community-based showrooms at approximately 170 locations nationwide - the largest number in the industry - and following our motto to have customers choose products after seeing, touching, and feeling satisfied, showroom advisors provide product plans catering to the specific needs of each customer.

As a leader in the housing equipment industry, we will continue to aspire to be a company which creates lifestyles by providing high satisfaction, original products and services at reasonable prices. Thank you for your continued support.

Takeo Watanabe, President
Takara Standard Co., Ltd.