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Company profile

Company name
May 30, 1912
Head office
1-2-1 Shigino-higashi, Joto-ku,
Osaka, Japan 536-8536
Overseas sales section
Tel: 06-6962-1524
(Outside Japan:+81-6-6962-1524)
Fax: 06-6962-1528
(Outside Japan:+81-6-6962-1528)
26,356 million yen
Takeo Watanabe
Sales (consolidated)
175,116 million yen (Year ended March 31, 2015)
Employees (consolidated)
5,890 (March 31, 2015)
Business lines
Manufacture and sale of enameled system kitchens, wood system kitchens, enameled stainless steel bathtubs, artificial marble bathtubs, system baths, enameled washstand, sink units, heating appliances, hot water heaters, enameled wall covering material, and other home appliances and equipment
Certifications and awards
Committee for Standard Components for Public Housing (KJ) certified
Better Living Housing Parts (BL) certified (Construction Ministry) (System kitchens, bathtubs, electric water heaters, 9 other items)
Certified as Superior Quality Control Factory for Industrial Production Housing, etc. (Osaka Factory, Fukuoka Factory, Shiga Factory)
METI Good Design Award recipient (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) (enameled kitchen)
Business locations
37 branches/offices across Japan
117 sales offices/branches
16 factories
2 affiliates
170 showrooms in Japan/1 overseas