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Easy to maintain! A toilet that is a delight for being 'always clean'

Residential toilet

The Takara Standard toilet is stylishly designed so that the room seems larger. Cleaning is simple due to the toilet bowl's "front slim" edge (rimless) and the "enamel clean toilet wall paneling"!

What is enamel?


Timoni U Series

Fashionable low-style specification which is also 'clean' Timoni U Series

Timoni F Series

An easy to clean and reasonably priced model with a full range of functions Timoni F Series

Timoni  B Series

An affordably-priced basic type Timoni  B Series

Timoni C Series

A neat toilet space with a stylish storage-integrated unit Timoni C Series

Timoni G Series

Urinal Timoni G Series

Enamel clean toilet panel

Enamel clean toilet panel

Reliably guards the toilet space and wall surfaces from stains and odors! Enamel clean toilet panel

Cleaning is simple as grime does not stain the walls. Wipe away grime with a single wipe and odors do not adhere either.