Features of Enamel

The high-quality enamel features a number of excellent characteristics such as strength, beauty, easy maintenance, storability etc., an ideal material for water-using household equipment.

  • Easy to clean

    The high-quality enamel has a glassy surface and prevents penetration of stains, with ease to wipe them off with just a damp cloth. For example, oil stains in the kitchen and water stains in the bathroom are easily removable by wiping with a damp cloth.The enamel does not discolor or deteriorate from exposure of detergents or seasoning agents. Even oil-based permanent marker ink can be wiped off with a damp cloth.

  • Magnetic racks create flexible storage space for kitchen tools.

    The base of the high-quality enamel is metal (steel) thus it allows magnetic racks to attach freely on anywhere convenient on the panel. A kitchen flipper, seasoning agents etc. can be put on/under the racks and placed anywhere on the panel.

  • High moisture resistant

    The high-quality enamel's glassy surface has a high moisture resistance and also the resistance to stains, molds and corrosion, thus having a high durability. Water-using household equipment is constantly exposed to moisture and deteriorates much more severely than the house itself over time. This is mainly why the enamel is considered to be the most suitable material for water-using household equipment.

  • Odor resistant

    The high quality enamel's glassy surface repels stains and molds causing odors, eliminating penetration of unpleasant odors of cigarette smoke or pets.

  • Hard and not get scratched

    The high-quality enamel is a hard material that does not scratch even with a cutter. It does not get scratched even if scrubbed with a hard scrub brush.

  • A material that emits no harmful substances and is guaranteed to be safe

    The high-quality enamel is a safe material that emits no toxic substances. It does not cause sick house syndrome and can be long used with no worries. This leads to having a safe house where all your family can live in good health.

  • High heat resistant

    The metal base of the high-quality enamel wall panel has a high heat resistance and is not affected by slight temperature changes in daily life. Even when a wall gets burn spots during cooking with high heats, the spots can be wiped off with just a damp cloth.