The premium kitchen that enhances the quality of life.

Acrylic Utility Sink

Acrylic Utility Sink is made of acrylic artificial marble stone, featuring a seamless sink and drain outlet eliminating gaps,
with excellence in use and cleanability.

    • With no gap between worktop and sink present, the joint part of them is easy to clean.

Base Cabinet Storage

The multi-story cabinet can store a lot of items, making the best use of the space at the front and back of the drawer.

  • Cooking cabinet

    The cabinet has five-story slides, providing abundant storage space.

  • Enamel inner slide

    The inner slide can use its inner space efficiently.

  • Enamel inner tray

    Even the inner top space of the drawer can be used efficiently.

  • Front pocket

    A space in front of the sink is usable for small items.

Eye level rack

The system elevating rack, "Eye level rack", can be lowered to the eyes' height, which provides a better view of the inside of the rack.

Enamel Wide Storage Unit

The flat-sided cabinet unit has a sufficient space at the backside of its doors.
The bottom of the door and drawer is partly enameled and its beauty remains unchanged.