Makes every day life pleasant

  • Abundant storage space

    Enamel allows for flexible storage with magnets.
    Abundant storage space on the backside of the mirror.
    The ease of use attracts popularity.

  • Easy to clean

    Enamel allows for cleaning dirt off with just a damp cloth.
    Excellent in cleanability

  • Space to enjoy beauty

    A lot of ideal features allowing for enjoying makeup and skin care

  • EleenaEleena


    The highest-quality washstand that enhances the quality of life
    Choose the washstand best-matched to your home from three options.

  • FamileFamile


    Simply designed but rich variety of color
    Abundant functionality allows you to dress yourself comfortably.

  • OndineOndine


    Enamel bowl improves cleanability
    Excellent in impact resistance and quality