Enamel is our heart and soul

The ideal material for kitchens and bathrooms The high-grade enamel lifestyle
The ideal material for kitchens and bathroomsThe high-grade enamel lifestyle

The enamel advantage

  • Choose to do less cleaning by choosing the right material

    Choose to do less cleaning by choosing the right material

    Your days are busy: working, cooking, raising a family. To be able to do what you want to do, you have to eliminate the things you don’t want to do—and one of those things is cleaning.
    Cleaning is time-consuming, hard, stressful. But don’t give up on cleanliness—choose easy-to-clean materials instead! Reduce wasteful cleaning time and enjoy the important things in life.

  • Why our focus on enamel? Because quality means years of use and cleanliness.

    Why our focus on enamel?
    Because quality means years of use and cleanliness.

    Kitchen and bathroom products should be clean and easy to use. But with continuous usage come dirt and deterioration.
    That’s the reason for Takara Standard’s focus on enamel products. Originally designed high-grade enamel is easy to keep clean and stays that way through years of use.

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For our customers

Takara Standard has developed a product that has won customers’ hearts: high-grade enamel, a material that far outshines ordinary enamel.

Enamel is highly resistant to dirt and moisture and doesn’t absorb odors. In other words,
it’s the perfect material for kitchens and bathrooms.
But these are also big expenditures for a household.
That’s why we want customers to continue to enjoy cleanliness even after years of usage.
It’s this desire that drove us to develop high-quality products that bring customers the benefits of enamel.


  • What is enamel?

    The secret to enamel, the ultimate material for kitchens and bathrooms

    Enamel is an ideal material, an integration of metal and vitreous material.
    Glass is highly resistant to water, heat,
    and odors—and it’s attractive.
    However, it also breaks easily.
    But enamel is an ideal material that overcomes this problem: it’s like glass, but it doesn’t break like normal glass.

  • Enamel: Stronger than you think

    Takara Standard proudly presents enamel that doesn’t break

    The quality of enamel depends, of course, the quality of the component materials, but also on the integration and adhesion of the two materials of steel and glass.
    We succeeded in developing our high-grade enamel by making the surface of the steel sheet surface uneven to enhance its adhesion to the glass layer.
    This gives it a much higher level of strength compared to enamel cookware.

A higher degree of adhesion is essential to overcome the fragility of glass. We therefore use specially made steel sheets for the base and bake the glaze at 850°C. Metal+Vitreous material (glaze)→Baked at 850℃ for adhesion→Enamel Enhancing adhesion between the steel sheet and glass by making the steel sheet surface uneven Vitreous material Height difference Steel sheet

Our manufacturing mission

Our mission is to deliver superb products to the customer

Takara Standard’s dedication to quality comes from its desire to make products that keep customers happy for years.
That’s why our workers confirm quality by carefully seeing and touching each and every detail.
The production process is like a relay, with the baton passed on from person to person to reach a product’s finish line.
High quality in the finished product is ensured by having specialized participants confirm each stage of production.
As well, enamel is like a living thing. Depending on the conditions—temperature, humidity, others—on a particular day, it must be processed accordingly.
Because it’s hard for machines to adapt to these delicate daily changes, people are a crucial part of production.
We want customers to be happy with our products for years to come.
That’s why we pay meticulous attention to quality.


The 10 joys of enamel

High-grade enamel is the ideal material for kitchens and bathrooms.
Let’s look at the strength, beauty, and other benefits it offers.

  1. Easy to clean—just wipe with a damp cloth

    1Easy to clean—just wipe with a damp cloth

    High-grade enamel won’t discolor and degrade in contact with things like detergent or condiments. It doesn’t soak up oil or dirt and so can be easily wiped clean.

  2. Moisture-resistant, won’t collect mold

    2Moisture-resistant, won’t collect mold

    Durable enamel has a vitreous surface so it won’t collect stains or mold, and won’t scratch or corrode. In the bathroom, keep it looking great with just shower water and a sponge.

  3. Won’t chip, impact resistant

    3Won’t chip, impact resistant

    If you think enamel chips easily, think again. So don’t worry about striking our high-grade enamel with cookware or other hard objects.

  4. Magnetic convenience

    4Magnetic convenience

    Magnets stick to enamel, so decorate it as you like for a custom interior.

  5. Use it as a message board

    5Use it as a message board

    Write memos on enamel to your family with an oil-based pen, then simply wipe them off* with a damp cloth.

    *It may take longer to wipe enamel clean when using certain types of oil- or water-based pens or if the writing is left for a long period. Use a melamine sponge for stubborn pen marks.

  6. Beautiful and impressive

    6Beautiful and impressive

    Using inkjet printing technology, we have given our enamel a range of colors and patterns. This allows customers to enhance their homes with expressive designs in colors that never fade.

  7. Heat-resistant reliability

    7Heat-resistant reliability

    Baking the enamel at 850°C gives it a high resistance to heat. Unlike wood or synthetic resins, it won’t deform or discolor due to slightly high temperatures.

  8. Scratch resistant

    8Scratch resistant

    Scrubbing with a coarse sponge won’t scratch high-grade enamel. And even pets with sharp claws can’t damage it.

  9. No odor worries

    9No odor worries

    Because odors—even those from pets and cigarettes—don’t stick to high-grade enamel, you can always enjoy the fresh air.

  10. Good for the environment

    10Good for the environment

    The main materials are steel and natural silica, both easy to recycle. The assembly process uses no adhesives so no harmful substances like formaldehyde, a cause of sick building syndrome, are emitted.

Product lineup

  • From doors to cabinets, every kitchen detail finished in enamel
    Systems kitchens

    From doors to cabinets, every kitchen detail finished in enamel

    Strong, beautiful, resistant to corrosion—high-grade enamel is the ultimate material for kitchens. Besides just the doors and cabinets, practically everything, from the inside of drawers to the underside of cabinet bottoms, is enamel.

  • The enamel wall surfaces protect your bathroom from things like humidity and mold

    The enamel wall surfaces protect your bathroom from things like humidity and mold

    The ultimate bathroom incorporates proprietary enamel technology. Our Enamel Clean bathroom panel, boasting cleanliness and heat retention, is ideal for home renovation: it can be made in the exact position and size required to fit windows, right on site.

  • Enamel is the ideal material for washstands

    Enamel is the ideal material for washstands

    High-grade enamel is also a star of the washstand and surroundings. With its high resistance to water, humidity, and detergents, it is used not just for doors but also the inside of cabinets and drawers.

  • With Emawall enameled interior panel, the entire wall is a sketch pad
    Wall panels

    With Emawall enameled interior panel, the entire wall is a sketch pad

    Emawall is highly resistant to dirt, so even oil-based pen marks can be wiped away with a wet cloth. Its magnetic property opens up possibilities to put up the kids’ art work and documents, and even use it as a message pad for the entire family.


Life with Takara Standard

Takara Standard helps make your lifestyle wishes come true

The fulfillment of daily life is an irreplaceable joy.
Let’s look at how Takara Standard’s dedication to its craft brings joy to households.
Choose quality you can trust, quality that’s right for you now and for years to come.
By looking at how other Takara Standard customers live, and their ideas and values,
you’re sure to find some new way for making your life better.


You’re purchasing premium products, so choose the ones right for you

Because Takara Standard makes only premium products, we want you to see, touch,
and experience them first-hand to ensure you are truly satisfied with your purchase.
At Takara Standard, we pursue the development of proprietary high-grade enamel
and functionality because we never lose sight of what our customers want.
You’re sure to discover something new when you visit our showroom.
Because you’re purchasing something valuable to you, your visit is valuable to us.

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