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A Message from the President

Helping make everyone's lives more comfortable

Takeo Watanabe, President

Helping make everyone's lives more comfortable

Living with good-quality things helps us enjoy our lives.
This aesthetic has encouraged us to devote ourselves to manufacturing high-quality enameled products.

TAKARA STANDARD started business in 1912 as a pioneer of enameled products. Thus, we have been engaged in manufacturing these types of products for more than 100 years. In 1962, our company succeeded in developing the first enameled kitchens in the world.

We saw our top priority to be contributing to the improvement of everyone's quality of life. In our quest, we came across an unprecedented material: a high-quality enamel.

We devoted our efforts to applying this great material in the following ways.
Since water-using household equipment is so important to a comfortable life, we think that it is really important for customers to be able to actually see, touch, and be satisfied with our products before making a purchasing decision. This idea led us to establish about 170 community-based showrooms across the country. This is the largest number of such showrooms in the industry. We also have reasonable and transparent prices that correctly reflect a fair market value for our products.

We intend to keep contributing to people's quality of life, through our business of providing high-quality enameled and other water-using household equipment. This purpose is our driving force.
Our mission has been and will continue to be making everyone's lives more comfortable.

TAKARA STANDARD will keep focusing on everyone's satisfaction with life and thus continue to evolve ways to contribute to that satisfaction.

Company Profile

Head office
1-2-1 Shigino-higashi, Joto-ku,
Osaka, Japan 536-8536
Overseas sales section Tel: 06-6962-1524
(Outside Japan:+81-6-6962-1524)

Fax: 06-6962-1528
(Outside Japan:+81-6-6962-1528)

Capital 26,356 million yen
President Takeo Watanabe
Sales (consolidated) 192.1 billion yen (Year ended March 31, 2021)
Employees (consolidated) 6,278 (March 31, 2021)
Business lines Manufacture and sale of enameled system kitchens, wood system kitchens, enamel system baths, enameled washstand, sink units, heating appliances, hot water heaters, enameled wall covering material, and other home appliances and equipment
Certifications and awards (Japan) Committee for Standard Components for Public Housing (KJ) certified
Better Living Housing Parts (BL) certified (Construction Ministry) (System kitchens, bathtubs, electric water heaters, 12 other items)
METI Good Design Award recipient (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) (enameled kitchen)
Business locations 161 branches/offices across Japan
18 factories
166 showrooms in Japan