A private salon where I’m surrounded by only those things I love

A private salon where I’m surrounded by only those things I love


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Bathroom vanity ideas

  • Bathroom vanity ideas
  • Bathroom vanity ideas
  • Bathroom vanity ideas
  • Bathroom vanity ideas
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  • PointThree plans to choose from

    1. 01 / Side basin plan

      01 / Side basin plan

      Allows you to sit comfortably while you enjoy doing your makeup and skin care. Also provides space for towels and small items.

    2. 02 / Center basin plan

      02 / Center basin plan

      An abundant lineup of frontage sizes. Choose a wide, large-capacity basin that allows for spacious use.

    3. 03 / Twin basin plan

      03 / Twin basin plan

      Offers two basins that can be used at the same time, so you don’t have to wait to get ready in the morning when it tends to get crowded. You can also use one basin while soaking laundry in the other.

  • PointFine quartz stone counter

    Choose an elegant quartz stone counter with a glittering natural crystal texture. Your vanity space will feel as luxurious as a hotel.

    Point Fine quartz stone counter
  • PointStylish floating type

    Choose a floating design. The space below can be used for storage, such as for a scale.

    Point Stylish floating type
  • PointHighly functional and easy to clean

    High-grade enamel keeps clean and stays that way

    The washstand is used every day, so it’s important that it’s easy to clean and stays clean for a long time.
    Takara Standard washstands are made of enamel material that does not allow dirt to penetrate, so daily upkeep is just a quick wipe with a damp cloth. It’s also easy to clean the cabinet doors, which tend to get splashed on.
    There’s no need to worry about scratches, even from scrubbing, and it won’t discolor due to dripping detergent, which means it will provide you with reliable, long-term use.
    The great thing is that, even if you haven’t cleaned the washstand in a while, you can easily restore it to its original beauty. Check out our latest bathroom vanity fixtures as well.

    Point Highly functional and easy to clean
  • PointAbundant storage space

    Large storage capacity with reduced dead space

    These washstands offer a surprising amount of storage. Lotion, detergent, hair probably have a lot of things to store.
    Takara Standard washstands utilize not only the space behind the mirror but also offer bottom enamel racks, which let you utilize the dead space underneath the washstand.

    Point Abundant storage space
  • PointHighly customizable

    Magnets let you customize your washstand

    Because it’s made of enameled material to which magnets attach, you can easily place and remove magnets anywhere you like, inside or outside the washstand. Customize your washstand to match the interior design and ambiance of your bathroom. Use magnets to increase storage space where you want it so that you can make your grooming and makeup routine more efficient.
    Enjoy having the storage space and interior design that you want in a layout that suits you, ensuring that those who are particular about design and those who value ease of use will both be satisfied.

    Point Highly customizable
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Group 1
  • Spalted Beech
    Spalted Beech
  • Vertical Wood
    Vertical Wood
  • Grayish Marronnier
    Grayish Marronnier
  • Stone Rosé
    Stone Rosé
  • Marquina Black
    Marquina Black
  • Dramatic White
    Dramatic White
  • Concrete Dark
    Concrete Dark
Group 2
  • Rosewood Dark
    Rosewood Dark
  • Rosewood White
    Rosewood White
  • Silky Wood Beige
    Silky Wood Beige
  • Pearl White
    Pearl White
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