"Emawall"-Enamel Building Material

The ideal material for water-using household equipment is also ideal for living area.


Features of Emawall for houses

  • Easy to clean and kept eternally clean

    The glassy enamel surface prevents penetration of stains. It is easy to wipe stain off with a damp cloth and keep the wall eternally clean.
    It has such a high cleanability that even oil-based permanent marker ink can be erased.

  • Magnetic racks create flexible storage space.

    • Magnetic racks are freely adjustable to required storage positions.

    • Magnetic toys can also stick to the wall.

    • Memos can stick to the wall with magnets.The usage is flexible.

    • On the connected two free racks, larger interior items can be placed.

    • Slippers can rest neatly on the wall.

    • Material safety
      is guaranteed.

      No harmful substances such as formaldehyde causing sick house syndrome are emitted.

    • Odors do not infiltrate in the walls of toilets.

      Stains and molds causing odors are prevented.

Enamel material for interiors,
usable in all spaces of houses

  • EntranceEntrance


    Emawall at the entrance, though frequently exposed by dust from outside, is easy to clean. Its high expressiveness enhances the designability of the entrance.

  • Living roomLiving room

    Living room

    Resistance to discoloration by ultraviolet light eliminates color fading, keeping a living room eternally beautiful.

  • Children's roomChildren's room

    Children's room

    Children can draw pictures and characters directly on Emawall without worrying. Its usage are endless.

  • Dressing roomDressing room

    Dressing room

    Moisture and mold generation is eliminated, keeping a dressing room eternally clean.

  • Study roomStudy room

    Study room

    Memos and storage holders can stick to the wall using magnets. Cigarette smoke odors or yellow stains do not infiltrate.

  • Meeting roomMeeting room

    Meeting room

    Memos and storage holders can stick to the wall using magnets. The wall is used as a whiteboard.

List of Colors

  • Wood grain

    Direction of pattern: Selectable from horizontal or vertical wood grain

    • QSW: Walnut ivory

    • QSW: Walnut ivory

    • ISU: Walnut medium

    • ISU: Walnut medium

    • INB: Walnut brown

    • INB: Walnut brown

    • QOV: Oak natural

    • QOV: Oak natural

    • QKW: Elm white

    • QKW: Elm white

    • QKV: Elm natural

    • QKV: Elm natural

    • QKG: Elm grege

    • QKG: Elm grege

  • Marble grain

    Direction of pattern: Selectable from horizontal or vertical marble grain for some colors

    • QGW: Geo marble white

    • QGW: Geo marble white

    • QGV: Geo marble beige

    • QGV: Geo marble beige

    • QGG: Geo marble gray

    • QGG: Geo marble gray

    • QEV: Marquina beige

    • QEG: Marquina gray

    • QEQ: Marquina black

    • QTW: Travertine white

    • QTV: Travertine beige

    • IDW: Dramatic white

  • Art

    • QZW: Terrazzo white

    • QZP: Terrazzo pink

    • IMV: Mosaic beige

    • IMG: Mosaic gray

    • IAG: Emboss tile

    • QIA: Toy wood blue

    • QIP: Toy wood pink

    • QCG: Concrete light

    • QCQ: Concrete dark

  • Pearl / Solid

    • PW: Pearl white

    • SW: White