Takara standard

"Emawall"-Enamel Building Material

The ideal material for water-using household equipment is also ideal for living area.

Features of Emawall for houses

Easy to clean and kept eternally clean

The glassy enamel surface prevents penetration of stains. It is easy to wipe stain off with a damp cloth and keep the wall eternally clean.
It has such a high cleanability that even oil-based permanent marker ink can be erased.

Magnetic racks create flexible storage space.

Magnetic racks are freely adjustable to required storage positions.

Magnetic toys can also stick to the wall.

Memos can stick to the wall with magnets.The usage is flexible.

On the connected two free racks, larger interior items can be placed.

Slippers can rest neatly on the wall.

Material safety
is guaranteed.

No harmful substances such as formaldehyde causing sick house syndrome are emitted.

Odors do not infiltrate in the walls of toilets.

Stains and molds causing odors are prevented.

Enamel material for interiors,
usable in all spaces of houses



Emawall at the entrance, though frequently exposed by dust from outside, is easy to clean. Its high expressiveness enhances the designability of the entrance.

Living room

Living room

Resistance to discoloration by ultraviolet light eliminates color fading, keeping a living room eternally beautiful.

Children's room

Children's room

Children can draw pictures and characters directly on Emawall without worrying. Its usage are endless.

Dressing room

Dressing room

Moisture and mold generation is eliminated, keeping a dressing room eternally clean.

Study room

Study room

Memos and storage holders can stick to the wall using magnets. Cigarette smoke odors or yellow stains do not infiltrate.

Meeting room

Meeting room

Memos and storage holders can stick to the wall using magnets. The wall is used as a whiteboard.

List of Colors

Wood grain

Direction of pattern: Selectable from horizontal or vertical wood grain

ISW : Walnut ivory

IWN : Walnut gray beige

ISU : Walnut medium

INU : Walnut medium dark

INB : Walnut brown

IOV : Oak natural

IRW : Rough-sawn white

IRV : Rough-sawn grege

IRB : Rough-sawn dark

Marble grain

ITW : Travertine white

ITV : Travertine beige

IDW : Dramatic white

IDG : Marble white


IDR : Norwegian Rose

IDB : Marron brown

IDQ : Himalayan blue


IMV : Mosaic beige

IMG : Mosaic gray

IAG : Emboss tile

IAQ : Stone ivy black

IFO : Flower orange

IFA : Flower blue

Pearl / Solid

PW : Pearl white

SW : White