A happy family spending precious time together

I want the things that I see, touch, and taste to be welcoming.
A space that’s easy to tidy and keep clean is a truly comfortable space.
This is the sort of kitchen where I can grow happiness.

Set plan examples

  • Total 270 cm (d)Total 270 cm (d)
    1. aTall unit (full sliding door): 90 cm
    2. bCounter unit (sliding drawer): 90 cm
    3. cCounter unit (open cabinet): 90 cm
    Total 270 cm (d)
  • Total 180 cm (c)Total 180 cm (c)
    1. aTall unit (sliding drawer): 90 cm
    2. bCounter unit (sliding drawer): 90 cm
    Total 180 cm (c)
  • Total 165 cm (c)Total 165 cm (c)
    1. aTall unit (door): 75 cm
    2. bHome appliance storage unit with wagon: 90 cm
    Total 165 cm (c)
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