Takara standard

Enamel kitchen panel

The enamel kitchen panel makes it easy to wipe stains off with just a damp cloth, and easy to clean.

Beauty of glassy surface

The high-quality enamel is manufactured by baking a vitreous material on a strong iron base. Meanwhile, the direct clear manufacturing method, an inkjet printing technology that enables direct ink blowing for patterning, allows us to paint larger patterns of higher resolution on the panel.

Oil stains are also easy to wipe off with just a damp cloth.

Easy to wipe stains off with just a damp cloth

The high-quality enamel kitchen panel has a glassy surface. It is stain-resistant and easy to wipe off stubborn oil stains with just damp cloth, keeping the kitchen eternally clean and beautiful.

Oil stains are also easy to wipe off with just a damp cloth.

Magnetic racks create flexible storage space for kitchen tools.

The base of the high-quality enamel is metal (steel) thus it allows magnetic racks to attach freely on anywhere convenient on the panel. A kitchen flipper, seasoning agents etc. can be put on/under the racks and placed anywhere on the panel.

Example of fashionable storage with magnetic holders

List of Colors

[HD] Marble grain

IDW : Dramatic white

ITW : Travertine white

ITV : Travertine beige

[HD] Art

IMV : Mosaic beige

ITW : Mosaic gray

ITV : Emboss tile

[HD] Wood grain

ISW : Walnut ivory

IWN : Walnut gray beige

INB : Walnut brown

IOV : Oak natural

Simple colors easy to match interiors

ZE : Accent leaf

ZM : Mosaic

YWH : Wood mild white

DWH : Stone white

PW : Pearl white

MGN : Marble gray

MBN : Marble beige

SW : White

PIN : Pure ivory