Shower Unit


  • Fits snugly into any space! Can be made to order with the size adjusted in units of 2.5 cm

    • Technology delivered only by Takara standard. No one in the industry can offer wider made-to-order size options than we can.

      Whether the space is longer lengthwise or widthwise, or small or large, the shower unit can be made to snugly fit it through selection of sizes in units of 2.5 cm.
      These shower units are recommended for renovation projects, as they permit selection of the optimal size for a perfect match with your needs.

  • Warm shower room

    • "Perfect Heat Insulation" means wrapping the entire bathroom with heat insulation material, keeping your body warm during bathing even in winter days.
      Takara standard’s bath units come standard with "Perfect Heat Insulation".

  • We also handle wide and large sizes enabling access while remaining seated in a wheelchair

    • Shower units that can also be made large enough for access accompanied by a caregiver

      Transformation into a caregiving shower room that is large enough to turn the wheelchair around and permits entry by an accompanying caregiver.

      The room in the photo is 1,625 mm wide and 1,675 mm deep.

Shower Unit designs

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