Takara standard

Takara Standard’s Strengths

Strength 1
Enamel Technology

Takara Standard started business in 1912 as a pioneer of enameled products. In 1962, our company succeeded in developing the first enameled kitchens in the world. Enamel is an ideal material, an integration of steel and vitreous material.
With the strong iron part boasting resistance to impact and the vitreous part blocking out dirt and humidity, the high-grade enamel developed by Takara Standard is an ideal material for kitchens, bathrooms , and other wet area of a house.
The quality of enamel depends on two conditions: the integration and adhesion of the two materials of steel and glass, and the quality of the material itself.
The high-grade enamel is an unprecedented, unique material that satisfies these two conditions thanks to advanced technologies possessed only by Takara Standard.

Enamel Technology Enamel Technology

A higher degree of adhesion is essential to overcome the fragility of glass.
We therefore use specially made steel sheet for the base and bake the glaze at 850°C.

Enamel Technology

Strength 2
Product Appeal

The housing equipment industry is said to be moving towards a focus on remodeling . We are responding by developing numerous products that meet the various needs of a population that is declining, aging, has more two-income families, and is concerned about infectious diseases. At the same time that we are making products that meet the demands of our age, we also aim to create products that generate demand on their own. Examples include the Perfect Fit System Baths, custom-made baths that can be ordered in size increments of 2.5 cm in order to maximize useable bathroom space; the Matte-finish Enameled Kitchen and Compact Washstand, which were developed based on customers’ ideas; and the Housework-helping sink and Raku-L sink, which are ideal for today’s age of two-income families.

Product Appeal

Strength 3
Fair Price

We implemented our Fair Price Policy to ensure uniformity of prices of our branded products in Japan. Our MSRP (regular price) is fair, matches the quality of the product, and isn’t based on the premise of discounting. This is because Takara Standard’s mission is to provide high-quality products at fair prices. Since we want customers to be happy with our products for many years, we proudly offer quality at a fair price. This has always been our promise to customers. We are able to keep this promise because we have differentiated our products by using our original material, enamel, and we have by far the leading market share.

Fair Price Fair Price

Strength 4
Sales Expertise

Takara Standard’s products are made to be used every day for 20 to 30 years. Because they are a fundamental part of users’ lives, we sell them with users’ satisfaction and trust in mind.
We have established partner shop agreements with local contractors and engineers in order to educate local customers of our quality by giving demonstrations that use actual finished products. Through this grassroots sales strategy that brings us closer to end users, we have become the top manufacturer in the industry.
We have around 160 showrooms in Japan—the largest number of any company in the industry—where customers experience firsthand how high-grade enamel makes life more comfortable. Because user satisfaction and trust are our top priorities, we place great importance on the hands-on experience of seeing and touching products in person.

Sales Expertise